Ricardo "HOODWAACK" Davis
I have been living in San Francisco, California for about 4 months and 1 week and I absolutely love it. Of course it is a bit harder because I have no family here at all and am starting to build strong friendships but I know and feel that this was the most responsible and intelligent decision I have ever made. From getting hired at Journey’s after my second day landing, getting promoted to co-manager within a week, and improving everyday, starting private lessons, and most recently got hired as the newest Urban Street Dance instructor at City Dance/Ballet! There has been more but I do not want to jinx anything..eh emmmmmmm…Greg Chapkis…. eh emmmmmmm Academy Of Villians…. EH EMMM The Company haha collabos, appearances, teaching, and a new dance family. I am too excited and ever so grateful to have been brought up by some amazing people and dancers.
Today I put myself to the test. My style is forever evolving and today I witnessed the change and how much I have developed an ear to hear, a soul to listen, and body to move and convey! As I said before my first love is Music. Dance literally took me by surprise and now I love them both. But music will always be my main chick ;) Blah! Today was awesome! Thanks for class, thanks for the studio, thanks to the people who danced next to me and fed me life and vibed with me, thanks for teaching Brian and Ian, thanks for taking my money… haha…no but for real $25 is a lot my nigga… Thanks for inspiring me to choreograph and also inspiring me to continue to inspire! <3

Love is in me right now… so much love.

Work or Werk

Back on the east coast I spent most of my time searching high and low for a job that would help me and my family become more financially stable, however, no matter where I went only few people considered me for hire. A cafe house, clothing store, Rutgers & Middlesex for Calc 3 Tutoring was never my idea for a job but whatever I could do to even bring the smallest amount of income was suffice. Unfortunately all three opportunities were either not for me or taken away from me. The very first time I visited the west coast was the week of September 4th of 2012. It was a life changing experience for me! The atmosphere, freedom, and love was a spectacle of hope and peace for me at the time so I visited once again however this time I came on December 24th and stayed until January 17th. I was far past infatuated with San Francisco. I had received more job offers than I could imagine, more appreciation and love for my craft then had ever been given to me in a group of people that have no idea of who i am, and most of all the feeling of belonging or being home was more consistent than any place i had ever been. The decision of moving to San Francisco became final!

Now I am here! My biggest issue is since I am working so much and still without my own transportation how do I find the time to…werk? No, i do not mean going into my little office and with Dr. Morales and being his shadow for six months nor selling shoes to hundreds of people a day. I want to go out and have a good time! I want to find out what team do I want to dance with permanently, what clubs do I want to hang out at, what store I like shopping at for myself and loved ones, when I get to go to vancouver, and more! When I say werk I mean RE-MOTHER-EFFING-LAX (notice how LAX came at the end of that word lol I need to go to LA lmao) I am working really hard right now and I know it is because I am just settling and adapting but yes some small fun time is needed AKA CLASS!

I choose to work and then WEEEEERRRRRRKKKKK!

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Air to Breathe

Here I am in a new coast, new state, and new city and still have not grasped one air of breath. It feels like a whole new world! It feels like a whole new life!

Moving to San Francisco is/was a big deal for me. Since the move on the 8th of May I have obtained a job at Journey’s as Sales Associate, been promoted to Assistant Manager of Journey’s within the first week, been offered many dance opportunities from teams I have have not even begin to imagine myself being on because of their amazing reputation and dancers, started an internship that I believe that I will be ending soon (not what I expected), and is an active member of  Funkanometry SF. So many things I have done but not once have I rested and/or take a deep breath until yesterday. I had the day off yesterday and I spent the morning making flyers for Perspective In Motion and the second half resting. I feel asleep around 4am but i slept until almost noon. Which is something I never do. Anything more than 3 or 4 hours is impossible for me. I finally got to take a breath and relax while seeing how blessed I am for this opportunity and privilege to experience life by myself in California. It’s going well so far… wish me luck :) 

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There are a lot of dancers out here on the east coast that are dope as fuck. I don’t think people realize that, especially the ones who are from here. I understand that LA does get all the praise. But this community needs to stop and see the amount of talent that WE HAVE. Individuals beginning to make names for themselves. New styles and new trends are being made out here. Such inspiring people continuing to spread positivity and love. This coast has grown a lot. A hell of a lot. Yea sure it’s great to go out in train in North Hollywood because they have lots of famous choreographers.. but I definitely can learn just as much here as I can in Cali.

Let’s keep this going! Let’s keep pushing ourselves to be the best we can all be as a community! Let’s make our roots and past leaders proud of what they trained us to be! Let’s love dance more than ever! Let’s kill every piece! Let’s go full out all the way!

East coast.. keep inspiring me! 

<3 Yes BONG BUNO! YES! I do not think you know how much I love and respect this man. You are one of my biggest inspirations Mr. Buno :)

PS: Hell yeah I agree!

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Anonymous: Hey Ricardo, so I wanted to take summer classes for beginners hip hop dancing and I can't find any in new jersey (near princeton preferably) can you recommend anywhere I can take classes... also not that expensive hopefully... thanks

Hmm, Let’s see…

I am really not familiar with the Princeton area so I would not know any classes that are close. However, with Perspective In Motion you should register for the free class opportunity. We are looking for NJ people! You get to take classes all year in our NJ and NYC branch! Take advantage of that instead paying a full $12 per class. Or you can try your best to make it out to Community Artistry classes which are $12 as well. There are also random classes that pop up at Kean University and other classes. I will try my best to post them when I hear about them. How’s that?

Also as far as level of dance most classes in jersey are not specified as a one level based class. It’s usually/always open level. Take a risk don’t be afraid to challenge yourself if needed :) HAVE FUN!  and thanks for asking! :)

Ricardo G. Davis

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Our very first Coast Workshop [CoWo] will be taught by Rocko Luciano former director of Funkanometry SF, member of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew’s Boxcuttuhz, and Black Eyed Peas dancer/performer. Don’t miss out on the privilege to take this class!!!
Check out some of Rocko’s choreography!! “Thinking Bout You”https://vimeo.com/47926421 “Second Round”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mObVa9ywgMU When - |Friday, April 26th| Registration - |7:30 - 7:45PM| Class - |7:45 - 9:15 PM| Where - |Kaye-Lynn Dance Studios 1969 Oak Tree Rd. Edison, NJ| Price - |$16|


Sometimes I do not want to think about what’s in front of me. I do not want to decode it or think about where it came from or how to do it lol I just sit and enjoy my present state  of WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCKERY lol

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Summer is coming! :P on @weheartit.com - http://whrt.it/11XWuFX